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Embrace Health Massage

Embrace Health Massage

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Embrace Health Massage

Meet Christy

Christy at Embrace Health Massage

Welcome to Embrace Health Therapeutic Massage located in Spokane, Washington, at the historic Turner Mansion. For 20 years I have helped patients heal musculoskeletal dysfunction using the powerful techniques of myofascial release, myosketal alignment, and spontaneous muscle release (SMRT).


If you have been struggling with unresolved pain, or are recovering from a recent surgery or accident, I can help. In my practice, I focus on identifying the underlying musculoskeletal factors that are contributing to your discomfort. I then work with you to develop an effective treatment program to help you better understand the source(s) of your pain, range of motion restrictions, or other discomfort that interferes with living a full life.

Why Massage?

My Approach

There are many factors that contribute to chronic musculoskeletal pain including: myofascial adhesions, asymmetrical muscle patterns, old injuries, surgeries, and trauma. Resolving these conditions takes time, skill, and training. Join me and begin your journey to discover and release the root causes of your pain patterns. 


Each massage session is unique to your particular concerns. A typical therapy session may involve myofascial release, myoskeletal alignment, trigger point therapy, SMRT, active isolated stretching, cupping, gua sha, massage gun, and strengthening and stretching guidance.


"Christy is simply the best… She is extremely knowledgeable, explains things clearly and is caring while also getting down to business. Her technique is excellent and effective. She was able to recognize the cause of my injury and provide treatment that made a dramatic impact in our first session… Christy has already changed my life and I am only in the beginning of this healing process."


Embrace Health Massage
1 Hour Massage


Embrace Health Massage
1.5 Hour Massage


Embrace Health Massage
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1521 E Illinois Avenue, Suite 107

Spokane, WA 99207

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